Anti-Islam Film Producer Embraces Islam


Only before a year and a half, Arnold, the head of the ruling party in Holland, was fervently making a propaganda to the abusing film” the sedition” against the prophet of Islam. This film was met with worm welcome among the anti-Islam Christian and Jewish groups and in the same time stirred protest and riots in the Islamic world.

Seeing the success that the film caused across the Christian world, he started to prepare for another more abusive film against Islam. Thinking that he would produce a more abusive film if he reads Islam in its sources, he started to read the Holy Quran and the Islamic teachings. While he was being expected to fulfill this goal among the non-Muslim world, shocking news to them was aired and televised that the once bitter enemy of Islam has taken shehada, in other words embraced Islam.

However, like all the Christians, Van cultural background about Islam was formed and fed by the western media that always propagate fakes about Islam.  

Arnoud van Doorn not only embraced Islam but also and cut a long distance to  Mecca from Holland to perform Umra( minor pilgrimage)and visited the tomb of the prophet Muhammad in Madina, he stood before the tomb sobbing.

Overwhelmed by the spiritual happiness, vandron expressed his happiness saying that he never thought, after producing the offensive film against the prophet, that he would visit the prophet and greet him.

Vandrom visited Uhud mountain where many great historical Islamic events took place, he said, commenting on his visit, I read so much about this place and the famous battle that took place in its valley.

Influenced by the lofty spirituality of the teachings of Islam, Vandrom plans to produce a film that defends Islam.

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