Do Muslims Worship The Ka’bah?

Islam is a monotheistic religion; Muslims worship God ONLY not the Ka’bah or anything else. While turning around the Ka’bah, Muslims chant: “there is no deity worthy of worship but God.”

The Ka’bah is for unifying Muslims at prayers, as it would be chaotic if Muslims pray in any direction they choose.

The Ka’abah provides a chance to unity in prayers as all Muslims face only one spot throughout the globe.

It’s a religious ritual that goes back to prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him.

At the time of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, people even used to stand and give the call to prayer. One may ask those who allege that Muslims worship the Ka’bah: how come an idol-worshipper stands on the idol he worships?!

Muslims pray towards the Ka’bah as it has spiritual bond; it unites Muslims and equalizes between them.

The Jews pray before the Wailing Wall, yet they do not worship it; they just pray towards it.

It has been proven that Makkah is in the center of the earth and that the meridian of makkah is the only meridian in which the real north and the magnetic north meet and there is no magnetic deflection. There is electromagnetic energy and as you approach the Ka’bah, you are released from negative energy then filled with the Divine Energy.

Source: R-Islam

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