Ahmadya in the Scale of Islam

Ahamdaya is not a revealed religion, it is a political thought covered with some interpolations in Islam, it was originated to serve the English conquer for India and continued till today to empty Islam from the doctrine of Jihad.

They believe that God fasts, prays, sleeps, gets up, writes, mistakes, and do all that man does.

They believe that their God is English because he addresses them in English

They believe that Prophet Muhammad was not the seal of prophethood but prophethood is still going on and that God sends prophets as  long the  circumstances need and that Golam Ahamed is the best of all prophets.

They believe that the angel of revelations visited Golam Ahamed and that what he was inspired is similar to Quran.

They believe that no  Quran but that which was revealed to  Golam Ahamed and that no hadith except that which is in conformity with his teachings.

They believe that their Holy book was revealed from God and that it is something other than Quran.

They believe that they are the followers of a new  independent religion and that they have independent law and that the companions of Gulam Ahmed are like those of Muhammad.

They believe that ” Kadyan“, the city where Golam Ahamed was born.  is more sacred than Mecca and Madina and that it is their Qybla.

They discarded they tenet of Jihad (fighting the enemies)  and they favored the passive blindness to the English authorities because they believe that they were the authorities that thy should obey and they misquote the Quran in this regard.  Golam Ahamed says in this regard that Muslims should not fight the conquering armies and that they should only  fight those who enforce them leave their rituals. He claims that the prophet never rose his sword against the infidels except when they attacked Madina, the capital of the Islamic state.

They believe that Non- Ahamids are not Muslims and that intermarriage between Ahamids and Muslims are completely banned.

By: Dr. Abdelhay Eid

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