Not all Muslims are Arabs

The Muslim population of the world is around 1.2 billion. 

1 out of 5 people in the world is a  Muslim.  They are a vast range of races,
nationalities, and cultures from around the globe from the Phillipines to Nigeria, they are united by their common Islamic faith. Only about 18% live  in the  Arab world and the largest Muslim
community is in Indonesia.  Most Muslims live east of Pakistan.  

30% of Muslims live in the Indian subcontinent, 20% in Sub-Saharan Africa,
17% in Southeast  Asia, 18% in the Arab world, and 10% in the Soviet Union and China.  Turkey, Iran and  Afghanistan make up 10% of the non-Arab Middle East.  Although there are Muslim minorities in  almost every area, including Latin America and Australia, they are most
numerous in Russia and  its newly independent states, India and central Africa.  There are about 6 million Muslims in the  United States.





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