Aussie Rugby Star Seeks New Life in Islam

Seeking redemption and peace in a new life, an Australian superstar rugby play has reverted to Islam with the help of a Muslim boxer, joining a caravan of players who found Islam in the past few years.

He’s just looking forward to changing his direction in life,” Anthony Mundine, an Australin boxer who was photographed praying with Blake Ferguson on Friday, told The Telegraph.

At the moment he’s in good space – no drinking, no drugs, no parties.

Ferguson news about reverting to Islam appeared after he was photographed praying with Mundine at Zetland Mosque on Friday.

The State of Origin star of made the commitment to his new faith, hoping it can help to save his ailing career.

Yet, the National Rugby League player refused to comment about his conversion.

It’s private. I can’t talk about it, I’m sorry,” he told reporters.

Ferguson and Mundine at Zetland Mosque

Yet, the news was confirmed later after another prominent Muslim sportsperson, boxer Billy Dib, congratulated Ferguson on social media on Saturday.

Dib wrote on Twitter: “Proud of you my brother, so happy to see you taking the right steps to resurrect your footy career.

Ferguson replied: “Thanks brother.. very hapoy with where im heading.. hooe your well.

Dib then tweeted “all is well my bro, getting ready for the big fight inshallah.” to which Ferguson responded with “yeah my brother goodluck inshallah”.


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