Franck Ribery, Islam is a Source of My Power

Franck Ribery, Islam is a Source of My Power

Franck Ribery was known as a polite, humble, and diligent in praying five times a day, anywhere and on any condition.

For football fans the world, would have been familiar with the name of Franck Ribery, France attacking midfielder who currently plays in the Bundesliga giants (Germany), Bayern Munich.

Likewise, with the former World Player of the Frenchman, Zinedine Zidane, Nicholas Anelka (Chelsea / France), Frederik Kanoute (Sevilla / Mali), Khalid Bouhlahrouz (Sevilla), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan / Sweden), Eric Abidal (Barcelona / France), Kolo Toure (Chelsea), and Yaya Toure (Barcelona). They are football players who are Muslims and become a mainstay of the club as well as their respective countries.

Unlike the other Muslim footballer, who first embraced Islam, Franck Ribery instead embraced Islam after playing in the Turkish club, Galatasaray, in 2005.

Briefly, Ribery said he chose the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad brought this because it found peace in Islam.

For him, Islam is a source of strength and safety. “Islam is the source of my strength inside and outside the football field. I’m having a pretty hard life and I have to find something that brings me to safety and I found Islam,” said Ribery.


Blue-eyed footballer of the French began his football career, to join the team in his native land Boulogne. Later, he moved to the team’s Ales, Brest and FC Metz.

His move to Olympique Marseille has earned him the position of the first French soccer star’s most popular in August, October and November 2005. Ribery voted to strengthen the French team at the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany.

In the 2006’s, identity Ribery who has converted to Islam and embraced Islam and became the news unfold in the middle of the opening match between France team against the Swiss team during the 2006 World Cup event.

At that time, the public highlighted Ribery was tipped his hand before the game begins. Ribery was praying, as did a Muslim. At that moment, a lot of people surprised by her attitude. However, thanks to the brilliance in playing ball, even ignoring the public’s behavior and habits of Ribery.

However, the routine of praying before the game was finally revealed as well. And Ribery admitted as adherents of Islam. He found peace in Islam and the spirit in carrying out everyday activities, not least when playing ball.

News Ribery converted to Islam, burst since early 2006. The news was first reported by L’Express. The magazine said the French national players who regularly worship at a mosque in southern Marseille. Weekly did not mention any names explicitly, but the question is Ribery.
Although berdoanya action on the gridiron has attracted the attention of the French public, remain reluctant to put forward Ribery his faith openly. Right-club Olympique Marseille midfielder is said, his new faith is a personal matter, not necessarily for publication.

As a result, a number of speculations also appear. Some call that change occurred since Ribery played with the club Galatasaray in 2005. He helped the Turkish giants won the Turkish Cup in 2005. During his stay in Turkey, players born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, April 7, 1983, was reportedly often mingle and discuss with the Muslim community there.

There is also a mention Ribery’s wife, Wahiba Belhami, Morocco’s original play an important role to changes in Ribery. Ribery was a year living in Muslim-majority country. There, Ribery acquainted with that then he peristri Wahiba. Wahiba reputedly led Ribery played a big role to know the teachings

. From the marriage, Wahiba him two children, and Shahinez Hizsya.

Both versions were never denied or confirmed by Ribery. However, the magazine Paris Match, he said, Islam has been brought to safety.

“Islam is also the source of my strength inside and outside the field,” Ribery told the magazine said without explaining Match since when embracing Islam. He added, “I had a tough career. I then determined to find peace. Finally, I found Islam.”

Never leave prayers

Ribery faith and personality as a Muslim seems no doubt. In the middle of dense schedule of matches, the father of two children never forgot his duty as a Muslim. He is always praying five times a day, anywhere and under any circumstances.

For him, prayer is the pillar of religion must be upheld.

In addition to praying diligently, Ribery is also known as a polite and humble. Islam actually has transformed the harsh and arrogant temperament to be a polite person.

And depraved nature is no surprise to impress his colleagues in the French team, FC Bayern Munich (where he played football at the moment), as well as relatives.

Steve Bradore of Shuhada Organization, which serve the French Muslim convert, has said that French Muslims feel proud of Ribery. “He is our source of pride because of his distinctive and kerendahatiannya,” Steve said, as quoted from the site
Currently, Ribery defended German football club, FC Bayern Munich. At Bayern Munich, he occupies a position as a midfielder. Ribery contract with ‘Hollywood’ FC – Bayern Munich’s nickname – will expire in 2011.

Ribery including a successful footballer. At the age of 26 years, he has collected a variety of titles. Among others, one title Fortis Turkish Cup with Galatasaray in the 2004/2005 season, Intertoto Cup with Olympique Marseille in 2005, the League Cup in Germany with Bayern Munich in 2007, German Cup and Bundesliga Germany in 2008. In addition, the French Player of the Year award in 2007 and 2008, as well as Germany’s best footballer in 2008.

Franck Ribery, who was born in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 7 April 1983 has a height 175 cm. Before playing at FC Bayern Munich, Germany, the player who operates as an attacking midfielder is a career in the club U.S. Boulogne (2001-2002), Olympique Ales (2002-2003), Stade Brestois 29 (2003-2004), FC Metz (2004), Galatasaray (2005), and Olympique Marseille (2005-2007).

King of Bavaria

In the field, he was great. In social life, he was a warm personality. As an individual, he prayed diligently. Franck Ribery is a beloved public figure today Allianz Arena. Bayern Munich are always occupied by a player labeled as a star, but the most prominent depending on the time and opportunity. Duet striker Miroslav Klose and Luca Toni should seize the attention of passing the productivity goal, but Ribery is very prominent in terms of creation of the game in midfield.

Not one of Bayern’s record transfer fee to sign 26-year-old man. In fact, in the seven months since joining Bayern Munich, Ribery had managed to build its influence in both his club and the Bundesliga. Players worth 26 million euros more because people liked his demeanor was always pleasant and professional manner.

In the current cold weather in February is still familiar with Munich and he was struggling with a foot injury, Ribery is not lazy to keep his body warm by turning up at training camp.
He also never rejected the fans who wanted his autograph or a picture together, ranging from children to adults. And, he’s always done with a smile on his lips.
“They may have never seen a player like me who likes to laugh and joke usual,” joked Ribery. “I am a simple man and simple.”

In the corridor facilities Bayern’s training camp, this French guy always greet people. “I want to be friends (anyone),” she smiled, as quoted by AFP. “Two minutes to take pictures and signing autographs for fans is very important because they make these things really mean.”

Smiles, laughter, and a friendly attitude for a while to “mainstay” Ribery in communicating with fans, before he could complete it with the German language. He is still not fluent, but every week diligently follow the course.

Ribery also felt grateful he had succeeded in his career, remembering a childhood he must undergo a difficult life with his family in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

However, he also realizes success is not something that is timeless. Wheel of fate in life are always spinning. “Over all I have experienced, I respond calmly, but I was aware of all the luck I have.”

What is clear, Ribery has become a special figure for the citizens of Munich. Do not be surprised if in front Theatinerkirche, which is in the center of town, there was a giant billboard bearing the image of the king’s robes Ribery, accompanied by the words “Bayern hat wieder einen König” aka “Bavaria had a king again.” Bavaria is another title from Bayern Munich in addition to FC Hollywood.

The man with a scar on his face in a car accident who suffered as a child, it was considered very important to FC Hollywood. In a newspaper, there is a commentary reads: “Bayern Munich without Ribery as a group of children without a mother.”

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