Healing by fasting

And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know …

Today, physicians say that fasting is the only means which enables our bodies to get rid of all accumulated toxics safely and without any side effects. Also they assert that fasting reactivates the immunity of the body.There are hundreds of scientificresearches confirm that fasting helps in Planning and treating the disorder of man’s heart,besides curing its illnesses and there are other researches confirm that fasting prevents one from arteriosclerosis and Cardiac infarction. In some western countries there are specialized medical centers that cure only by fasting.

Allah Almighty says about Fasting:
(And that you fast, it is better for you if only you know)                                                 {Sûrat Al-Baqarah -The Cow -verse164}

Thanks Allah for the blessing of Islam

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