Human rights in Islam

Human rights in Islam

” the weak and the disabled must be exterminated , that is the first principle of our humanity love principles , they also must be helped to reach such extermination ” said the western philosopher Niche .

On the contrary , Islamic philosophy and legislation have not abolish values or ethics , it legislated a set of human rights that include all humans without any type of prejudice against those who have different colours , races , or languages , and include all surroundings with which a man deals .

Islamic philosophy has also maintained such rights with legislation , guaranteed application of them , and imposed penalties against those who may violate laws concerning them .

Islam Honours Man

according to the Qur’anic verse : ” Verily We have honored the children of Adam. We carry them on the land and the sea, and have made provision of good things for them, and have preferred them above many of those whom We created with a marked preferment “ 17:70

Islam views man with a rational consideration that includes honour , and respect ,    Such view , made human rights in Islam have special characteristics and merits ; such an important characteristic as comprehensiveness i.e. human rights in Islam include all aspects of life : political , economic , social , and intellectual .

Islam rights’ philosophy is general , so it includes all individuals including Muslims and non-Muslims without any type of prejudice against those who have different colours , races , or languages , also it is unchangeable as it is related to the teachings of the lord of the worlds .

The prophet Mohamed ( peace be upon them ) said concerning such aspects as honouring human soul in general and keeping its greatest right , that is the right of life , he said when he was asked about major sins ” ascribing partners to Allah in worship ,killing of one whom Allah has declared inviolate without a just cause ” .

the word ” one ” mentioned to give a general meaning and to show that it is a major sin to kill any person as long as he doesn’t deserve being killed as a penalty ..etc.

Furthermore , the prophet added more and more when he legislated preserving man’s life even from his own self and declared that committing suicide is a prohibited act , he warned that any person kills himself by throwing himself from a mountain he will be punished , and tortured in the same way forever in the hellfire ; and warned that any person kills himself with poison he will be tortured with this poison forever in the hellfire . and warned that any person kills himself with a piece of iron( e.g. knife or sword ) he will be tortured with that piece of iron forever  in the hellfire .

Besides Islam prohibited anything that may abase human life such as terrifying , insulting , or hitting anybody so the prophet ( peace be upon him ) warned anyone who causes torture to another that he will be tortured in the Hereafter .

Islam adopts equality

After honouring man , maintaining his life , family and money ,Islam impose the principle of equality between all people (between individuals and groups , between sexes and nations , between rulers and those who are governed , and between the wali ( the alderman of a certain country ) and citizens ; no restrictions , no exceptions , and no difference in legislation between Arabs and non-Arabs , white people and black people , and between ruler and ruled people  ; only piety is the criterion to consider someone is better than the other.

The prophet Muhammad addressed humanity saying ” o people , your lord is one , and your father is one , it is Adam who is your father all , and Adam created from dust , the best of you is who has piety more than others , an Arab can’t be considered better than a non-Arab” piety and good deeds are the only criterion .

Let us have a look on his handling (peace be upon him ) the principle of equality to know his greatness : a companion called Abu-Zarr laughed at another companion called Belal saying to him ” o the son of the black woman ” so Belal complained to the prophet who got so angry , and when Abu Zarr came to the prophet , the prophet ignored him , so Abu Zarr asked what made the prophet ignore him , then the prophet said ” you who laughed at Belal concerning his mother , I swear by Allah who has revealed the Holy Qur’an that anyone can’t be considered better than another one , only if he has good deeds “

Islam adopts justice

From equality , another right can be derived , that is the right of justice , and as a fantastic example is that when the prophet said to Usama Ibn Zaid when Usama wanted to intercede concerning the woman from the tribe of Bani Makhzoum who committed theft , the prophet then said ” I swear by he who control my own soul , if Fatima the daughter of Muhammad committed theft , I would cut her hand off “ narrated by Al Bukhary .

Moreover the prophet has given each individual the right of defending himself , and has not deprived him from this right to do so , Therefore he said ” each one who has any type of rights , has the right of expressing himself and saying about his rights “ narrated by Al Bukhary .

The prophet said also to a judge ” when the two rivals are in front of you , you are not to judge until you hear from the second the same as you hear from the first , that will make you take a fair and clear judgment “

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