Ibrahimovic and his Muslim Status

The action on the field was incredible and often unpredictable. However, there are often jammed from Ibrahimovic fans. Is Ibra a Muslim? Yup, unlike other Muslim pebola like Frederick Kanoute or Franck Ribery, the status of Islam Ibrahim rarely heard.

Ibrahim was born in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg, October 3, 1981. Both his parents are not native Sweden, but a couple of different immigrant country. His father named Sefik are immigrants from Bijeljina, Bosnia. While the mother who named Jurka born in Zadar, Croatia. Both meet in Sweden.

Ibrahim grew up in Rosengard, one area in Malmö. This area is quite famous for being one of the goals Muslim immigrants who entered Sweden. In this area, Ibra interact with fellow Muslim immigrants. They chose the area for easier running of everyday life, especially in terms of running the inter-relationship of worship and fellow Muslims.

Muslim immigrants in Rosengard choose to live a little isolated. They do not want to dissolve in worldly affairs, which they say could erode confidence. They make ends meet by working according to ability and make money.

Unlike the Muslim immigrants in Gothenburg, they are more open to the outside world. Their lives are far more established and prosperous. Their respective field of work also vary. Ranging from office work with a strategic position to factory workers. In fact, not a few who work at Volvo, one of the world’s car companies tekenal.

In the middle of the hegemony of non-Muslims who mengusai all sectors of life and Western culture that characterizes the strong Swedish, Ibra grow into successful young men realize the ambition to be a footballer. A pearl has been shining from the minorities.

Now after he won a number of achievements and has become a public figure, it is unfortunate status of Islam rarely heard. In one occasion he even admitted that he was not a devout Muslim, did not run shaum Ramadan. It is ironic, if you see the “education” of Islam that has been earned in Rosengard first. Hopefully with the presence of one more Muslim players at Inter, Sulley Ali Muntari, Ibra can achieve various accomplishments as well as renewed obedience in Rosengard beragamanya yore.


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