Islam will spread in all places

Researchers say that there are more than 4200 religions in the world and recent statistics illustrate that Islam is the fastest spreading among all religions in the world .Islam is spreading in all continents of the world, as the number of Muslims in 1997 in the six continents was: 780 million in Asia, 308 million in Africa, 32 million in Europe, 7 million in America and 385 thousand in Australia. Now they are about 1.57 billion Muslims, comprising about 21-23% of the world’s population so this is the highest rate of growth in the world.In 1900, number of Muslims all over the world was less than half the number of Christians but in 2025, the number of Muslims will become greater than the number of Christians because of the significant growth of Islamic religion.
Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him talked about an amazing prophetic miracle that Islam will spread in all parts of the earth, He peace be upon him says:

(The Islam will spread in all places that have day and night)   {narrated by Ibn-hiban}.

And this means that Islam will reach any area of land that has day and night and this is what really happened as nowadays there are Muslims all over the world.

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