Jason Newman

Jason Newman, Islam and Music became her life’s mission

“The apostle is really an example of the superiority of human walking and he showed all the potential in people who may be someone,” said Ali. He has interesting presentation about the reasons for that change itself: a hotheaded teenager who struggled to live in the Midwest Hip-Hop stardom that eventually around the world with his music.

“There are many events that role changed my life,” said Ali. Some major events that is involved with Islam and are involved with music.

Ali was born with the name Jason Newman. He has a genetic disorder of pigment, Albino is also often accompanied by visual disturbances.

His childhood was colored by the ruthless attitude and rejection of his white friends. “When my kids like outcasts,” he recalls. He instead found a home with his friends when African-Americans.

“When I passed through the white crowd and hearing all the words racism and white supremacy, it made me confused and upset.”

But Ali, 33, said that he embraced Islam at the age of 15 years has helped him through difficult times. He split with his wife that he was married for 10 years, had become homeless and are now trying to secure custody of his son. “Islam has helped me from a lot of that stuff. This religion helps me understand myself and the world better,”


For Ali, who recently wrapped a world tour to promote the album ‘U.S.’, to be solid with his belief in the middle of the elite Hip-Hop is not easy. However, once he remembers the prophet Muhammad, he could be more patient and determined person.

“One of the key messages through the Qur’an and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad is the idea of ​​excellence, that all Muslims do, they want to do it perfectly and always want quality. I am very inspired by it,” he said. Ali also believes dengnan his music and his Islamic faith, he runs the mission.

“I believe this is the reason why I was born, this is my job and my goal as a Muslim, to do the best I can do.” he said. Questioning the lyrics of his songs all the struggles of his life, started the problem of racism in America until the war. Particularly in the last album he wrote a song tentng war.

“We as Americans prepared to stick with blind patriotism. I am making sense anymore about this, about the underside of America that we never really hear,” he explained.

“Because of this song I lost an opportunity during this tour that I wait. When we were in Australia, the Department of Homeland Security to freeze all of our data. I guess the song and the controversy that caused it all,” said Ali.

But Ali, the father of a son Fahim, 9 years old, and daughter, Soulaila, 2 years old, pleaded not want to compromise their beliefs. “What is important when applying Islam in life is not to pretend to be someone else. That is why in my music, I try not to be hypocritical and express the most honest way.”

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