Moderation; Slogan of Islam



Moderation; Slogan of Islam

Moderation is of the most distinguishing features of this noble religion, namely Islam. One of the characteristics of Islam is that it is divine in approach, goal, and direction. Also, Islam is humane in nature, it encompasses all times and places and applicable for all circumstances.

Islam is a realistic religion that is it does not surrender to the bad realities; rather it improves it using realistic tools. Islam is a plain way of life that only the stray that deviates from it. Islam miraculously combines between stability and development. Moderation or equilibrium is one of the most distinguishing features of Islam which is the core of this brief article which will be tackled in the sense of aspects of moderation in Islam through doctrine, approach, worships, transactions, manners, and regulations.

Islam is halfway between abhorrent materialism and visionary spirituality:

Moderation or equilibrium is one of the most distinguishing features of Islam. Moderation is meant to refer to balance between two opposite sides where either party is more influential than the other that neither of the parties takes more than his right, neither exaggeration nor negligence. Islam is middle way between the tyrant individualism and the overwhelming collectivism. Islam is a moderate between the instincts of the body and the spirit requirements. In this regard, Allah Almighty says: (And thus we have made you a just community that you will be witnesses over the people and the Messenger will be a witness over you.), Al-Baqarah, 143.

Moderation is a distinguishing feature for the Islamic nation:

Allah the Wise has chosen moderation or equilibrium a distinguish feature or slogan for the Muslim nation which is the last of other nations on earth and also for the message which concluded all divine messages that He (SWT) has sent His Messenger Muhammad with this message as the last prophet, a messenger and mercy for all mankind.

The Prophet interpreted this moderation cited in the aforementioned verse to have been applied to justice which here means balance between two opposite parties with no inclination for one party against the other and giving everyone his due right without understatement or injustice.

Interpreters commented on the Quranic verse which reads: (قال أوسطهم ألم أقل لكم لولا تسبحون) that the wording “Awsatuhum” here means most impartial.

Moderation in Islam is a middle way as bravery is a middle way between timidity and recklessness.

Moderation in Islam means goodness, graciousness and excellence in material and spiritual aspects.

Moderation also means uprightness in approach and averting deviation and inclination. Muslims ask Allah not less than 17 times a day to guide him to the straight path on reading Surah Al-Fatihah (Guide us to the straight path. The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray.)

Those who have evoked Allah’s anger are the trespasser, while those who are astray are the heedless.

Moderation in Islam means goodness, graciousness and excellence in material and spiritual aspects. The chief is usually in the middle and his followers surround him. In moral matters, we find that moderation is better than extremism. It is an Arab aphorism stating: the best of matters is the moderate. One wise man once said: virtue is a middle way between two vices.

Ibn Kathir cited in his interpretation of the Quranic verse: (And thus we have made you a just), that moderation in this sense means the best and the finest, as it is said: Quraish is Middle in lineage among Arabs meaning Quraish is the best among Arabs.

The Prophet was a moderate among his people that is he was the most honorable in lineage, and the middle prayer is the best.

There are intellectual, psychological, and behavioral aspects in Islam, as when one of them goes beyond its normal limits, which is commonly at the debris of the other aspects, by then extremism emerges. However, when these three aspects grow within their normal limits so that no aspect dominates the other, by then excellence emerges. Islam aspires to excellence not extremism.

Moderation means safety and distancing from danger:

Edges usually are exposed to danger and decay unlike to the middle as it is protected by the surroundings. Moderation is safety and stability, while extremism is extravagance and corruption. Moderation represents might. Sunbeams are stronger when at midday and the sun located then at the middle of the sky. Man is at his full strength when youth that is he is at this phase between weakness of childhood and weakness of senility. Moderation represents unity point and convergence center. When edges become countless, the middle then becomes convergence point, it is the middle, it is the center.

Dear brothers in Islam, the influence of extremist ideas of division and discord among a nation is very harmful unlike to the moderate doctrines that observe the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Source: Ratib An-Nabulsi

Translated by Ammar

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