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Na Peng An, Why is Islam so despised?!

If I think, the way my life was truly unique and winding. Therefore, before deciding to choose Islam – even now a dai-me is the most hostile to Islam and Muslims. My attitude was formed because of my education taught it when sitting in the sixth grade elementary school owned by a Catholic foundation, I’ve seen the attitude of the teachers who are less sympathetic, and even tended to suppress the Muslim students.

I was born August 28, 1962 and Chinese father and mother came and Ketanggungan, Brebes, Central Java. As usual the Chinese, my father was a Confucian Buddhist. Meanwhile, my mother is a native Java and many practicing Muslims abangan Javanese tradition. That’s why I’ve got two names. By my father named Peng An Na. Meanwhile, my mother gave me the name of Agus Slamet. I myself prefer the name of the mother.

Since elementary school, I’ve attended two. Catholic elementary school in the morning D ***** (edited).

lunch in elementary school while the Hokkien Mandarin (now SD Unity in Diversity). Both the Five Bridge area, West Jakarta.

Although my father Buddhist, but because he died when I was just 9 years old, then the teaching of the most widely Katoliklah affect my childhood. In Catholic primary school that I even included a child who stands out, so that when sitting in fourth grade (age 10 years), I’ve become pastor of children. My task of telling a story the story of the apostles according to the version of the Gospel to children grade I to grade III in Sunday school or a special service for children.

Because that’s my talent, when in my elementary school class V in sekolahkan at a special school for future pastors in the area Cibubur, East Jakanta course with guaranteed free tuition, pocket money, even the guarantee of grade and graduated EBTA (exams).

In special schools, in addition to getting the deepening of the Gospel, we are also trained in martial arts with strict military discipline. Meanwhile, for the tasks of society we are taught how to influence people to support the program of Christianization. For example with ohahraga and artistic approach to the Muslim youth, and social benefits to the poor Muslim communities.

During the special school that I live in the dorms. Practically, I do not follow the lessons in class. Only occasionally come in, if any test or tests. But, as I alluded to earlier, I graduated EBTA with an average value. In sixth grade this school, Muslim students get the pressure to come to church every Sunday with the threat of not graduating EBTA for a no-show.

After graduating from elementary school, I was schooled in the Catholic Junior High School ** T ****** V (edited) in road planning. Mas Mansyur, Tanab Abang, Central Jakarta. Meanwhile, at the same time I lived in a dorm chaplain candidate school. The lesson I received was increasing. We, the students sekolab particular, in addition to continue to follow peridalaman Gospel, are also taught how to destroy the religion of Islam with the Islamic way of life overhaul the attitude of the Muslims. Especially, creating moral decadence among young Muslims. And the most powerful way, through the marriage. We are men told to marry Muslim girls. Meanwhile, the woman was told to marry a Muslim youth

Running Of Duty.

But one thing, there was something strange in me. Unlike my friends the other, so just swallow a doctrine that provided the teachers in special schools, I just always think about it. In fact, rarely do I not asking critical questions, both concerning the understanding of the Gospel and the moral destruction of the strategy of the Muslims.

Deepening of the whole Gospel and detail, leading to increasingly open my horizons. I found many irregularities and peculiarities in the Gospels, both related editorial and content. In terms of radaksi, between the Gospel and the Gospel of the other one occurred editorial differences are sometimes very sharp.

One thing that puzzles me, why the gospel is believed to be the word of God revised (corrected, repair) a few times, so in the Bible there is the New Testament teachings rectify the Old Testament? if so, where authenticity and originality of the Gospel?

All the weirdness that I have found that I always check with the pastor that guides us. But the answer I get is always unsatisfactory, since only the priest in question based on reason alone, not to mention a clear gospel propositions.

I also ask why the Muslims dianjurkean circumcised (circumcision) and eating pork is forbidden by the priest answered babwa Muslims do not give thanks to God. The reason, why the genitalia (penis) that was created completely by God to be cut (removed)? including pork, why do something that has been provided by God for human beings should be forbidden? However, the reason was delivered only by reason alone, without any concrete proof the Bible. I’m really disappointed.

Including attempts to destroy the morale of the Muslims did not escape from the target of my question. I am sometimes surprised and confused myself, why is religion that teaches love of fellow creatures God has a deep hatred to Islam?

All the awkwardness and strangeness of it have a very strong impression of an impression on my soul that would change my way of life. Since the onset of a prolonged conflict, it occurred to me the spiritual gap. I have no trust anymore with the truth of the Bible. I’m really disappointed in the gospel during which I consider to be scripture.

Climax and all that, I resigned and special schools. As a result, all guarantees and facilities that I get for it, be revoked. The year was 1976, when the end of the class I and class rise. When the distribution of report cards rise, my dad came out junior Van Tarsius it. I decided to change schools. As a consequence, I have to think about school fees. Whereas, previously was free. Luckily there is an acquaintance of mine who became head of the Madrasah Elementary school (elementary level) will receive my teaching in the schools they lead. When I was a Catholic. I am assigned to teach mathematics and social studies subject areas. That’s how I pay my pendidilcan in junior high school and then graduated from high school until 1980.

Islamic glance

Between the years 1976-1980, I actually have no beliefs anymore. I’ve been frustrated with the Catholics. I’ve never again flipping through the Gospel. In my heart, is not adalagi bond that connects between me and the church.

But in line with that, the atmosphere when I attended a special school education as future pastors reoccur. Still fresh in my memory, how we got the doctrine of the righteousness of Christ that can not be denied but to swallow.

But in between all that, the most disturbing my mind, why are they so hate Islam? Why is Islam so despised, so that the necessary strategies and tactics to destroy it? Because the questions that I begin to look to Islam. What’s wrong with Islam? What strengths do you have so that he regarded Islam as a threat?

At that time I just graduated from high school. To answer the heart’s desire, I must mempelajani Islam first. Because, I do not want to be fooled twice. I feel cheated chose Catholicism as a religion, because do not go into first.

Incidentally, not far from my house lived an ex-Qari in the 50s named H. Gamal Abdul Ghani. To him, I said that I wanted to study Islam. No half-hearted I want to learn Islam from scratch, start and learn the Arabic alphabet (A1-Qur’an), theology (tawhid), including peribadatannya (Islamic Jurisprudence).

Initially H. Abd. Ghani objected, claiming I had not said two sentences alias still pagan creed. But I told him that I would convert to Islam if I had really believed it. Above considerations, I received akhirya became his disciple.

It was the end of 1980. In addition, I also often berkunjungkepada famous scholars, such as KH Abdullah Syafii (deceased) and Abah Anom in Tasikmalaya, West Java. In fact, every recitation in mosques famous I never miss to attend. At that time, none of the pilgrims who attended know there is a non-Muslims join the Koran with them.

From some of the lectures I attended, I was able to assess that Islam is a religion of a rational and open to dissent. Although the understanding of the Muslims in general are divided into 3 groups: traditional, moderate, and fundamentals. However, in a matter of principle (principal) remains intact, that is godless Allah and believe in one holy book the Qur’an as a priest (pernbimbing, way of life).

Less kebih five years I studied Islam and several teachers representing the three groups of such understanding. In addition, to broaden the horizon I always read books about Islam. Anyway, there sebap more money, I always buy books about Islam.

The odyssey to find the ultimate truth is, I just get the answer. And, the answer exists only in Islam. Among the attraction of Islam is so memorable to me is the concept of strict and simple deity (monotheism), the authenticity of the Qur’an as scripture, worship procedures are flexible and simple.

Having had enough material to make choices, then in early 1985, officially before the congregation of a mosque in Cengkareng, West Jakarta, I say the pledge dun sentence bawab creed in my guidance of two teachers, H. Abdul Ghani and H. Ali. A week later, my mother returned perfecting his Islam by uttering two sentences creed.

I am grateful to be able to directly guide him praying. Now, I live happily with his wife and 3 children. In addition to trying and doing business, I am also active in preaching through the umbrella organization PITI (Pembina Iman Tauhid Islam).

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