She Thought That Islam is a Threat to Christianity, Yet She Reverted to IT!

My Path to Islam

I was raised in a conservative-evangelical environment and had (from an early age) adopted those views as my own. I regularly spoke strongly regarding my Christian faith and its role in my life. Despite this strong outer shell I never felt particularly close to the Almighty and was troubled by contradictions found both within the bible and Christian theology. In regards to Islam and Muslims I never paid them much mind but generally saw them as misguided and a threat to Christianity. Then when I later read the Quran I found many of my questions answered and found Islam to be the one pure guidance for mankind.

How I Did It:

In my senior year of high school I made a decision that I was going to read the Quran. I felt as though a book which guided so many people and influenced so many world events deserved my reading at the least. As I read the Quran I began to realize many similarities between it and the scriptures I was accustomed to (the bible). I was particularly surprised by similar prophets, events and teachings found within both. But what surprised me more was that I found teachings of love, brotherhood, charity and forgiveness. I found verses regarding the adoption of orphans, protection of women and children, feeding of the poor and even of mercy in times of war. These writings touched me deeply and I found myself beginning to form a very new opinion of Muslims and the religion of Islam. Alongside this I also began to understand certain verses or passages from the Quran which had once been taken out of context or used to slander the religion unfairly. With this new context I found the Quran to be quite a righteous and upright work which taught a middle path absent from Christianity. I began to understand why a new prophet needed to be sent to declare a clear guidance absent from other revealed scriptures. From this point I began to do my own research regarding topics such as Islamic philosophy, Islamic theology and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). For the first time in my life I felt as though I could see the puzzle pieces of religion come together beautifully. Amazingly many of the burdens I had always carried with me as a Christian began to be lifted as I learned more and more about Islam. The religion explained the corruption of doctrines such as the trinity, incarnation of God, physical begetting of Jesus, and even the crucifixion. I began to see how these views (fundamental to Christianity) are nothing more than human influence on divine revelation and are deeply heretical to the pure worship of Allah. I began to learn about the miracles of the Prophet Muhammad and the miraculous aspects of the Quran itself. I saw how Islamic teachings were revolutionary for their time and line up perfectly with modern science and knowledge. At this point I decided that I, in fact, wanted to become a Muslim myself. I have since taken my shahada and am now a practicing Muslim myself. While I deeply regret my past I thank Allah everyday for giving me the opportunity to find him and to be saved from the hellfire. I have never been more content in my life.


  • Always observe the Sharia, no matter how difficult it may seem.
  • Be careful regarding the Muslim leaders who influence you.
  • Refer all issues back to the Quran and Sunnah above all else.
  • Do not be ashamed of Islam and make dawah whenever you can.
  • Try to connect to a local Mosque or Islamic Community.
  • Read your Quran daily.
  • Avoid friends, family and situations which may lead you into sinful behavior.
  • Learn your Deen and know your facts.
  • Keep up with current events and be able to explain them within a true Islamic context.

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

Many friends have been supportive. Unfortunately most family is not.

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

I have begun to observe the sharia and try to make dawah whenever possible.


I do observe Islamic holidays, however, I reject non-Islamic ones.

Finding a Mosque or Muslim Community

If at all possible, I highly recommend it.


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