The Prophet (SWS) Predicted the Economic Blockade on Iraq

By Magdy Abdalshafy

The Prophet (SWS) Predicted the Economic Blockade on Iraq

Narrated Abi-Nadra We were sitting with Gaber the son of Abd Allah who mentioned that the Prophet (SWS) said:

Soon the people of Iraq won’t be brought Kafeth or dirham.

Who will do that?” we asked.
The non-Arabs will do that.
And then he said:
Soon the people in Sham won’t be brought the Madi or dirham.
Who will do that?” We asked.
The Romans will do that,” he replied.


The word “Kafeth” is an Arabic word which means, “measure“, a certain vessel or container which people in Iraq use when they weigh grains. This Hadith refers to the economic blockade that was inflicted on Iraq before the second Gulf War.

Following the conquest of Kuwait by the Iraqi army, all the world armies were amassed under the leadership of the United States and they freed Kuwait.

Following this, many resolutions were issued by the United Nations.

These were made by Non-Arab countries and the Arab countries which voted for the resolution were compelled to do so.

Among these resolutions was the economic blockade on Iraq by which all the world countries had to abide by, even the Arab was forced to comply. No food, no medicine, no electronics were allowed to enter Iraq and many people died. Children died because of scarcity of medicine, so the word “Kafeth” stands for food as it is the measure they use for food stuff.

Amazing still is that the prophecy says that dirham would also be banned. This was materialized when the UN banned importing Iraqi petrol, most of the Iraqi money was frozen by a resolution of the United Nations.

The second part of the prophecy is talking about a similar economic blockade that will be inflicted on the people of Sham. Palestine, Syria and Lebanon are among the people of Sham. The people in Palestine are always under economic siege by Israel, Palestine is geographically and ethnically a part of Sham.

This is just a part of a prophecy that has come true. Isn’t that evidence to the prophethood of Muhammad (SWS)?



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