The “God” That Never Was


Islam is the only religion which teaches the existence of a PERFECT God. A perfect God means that there is no sharer in His Nature and His Attributes: Say: He is God, the One and Only (1) God, the Eternal,Absolute (2) He begetteth not, nor is He begotten (3) and there is none like unto Him.” (Al-Akhlas 112:1-4)


There has appeared a man in Benoni. He is not qualified in theology, but is fondly cherishing the self-delusion that he is an apostle of Christ, appointed by God to convert Muslims to Christianity. Because he is a lawyer by profession, he is adept at juggling with words and quoting the Holy Quran totally out of context without knowing a word of Arabic. He wants Muslims to believe that Jesus was also a God, a belief that is abhorrent to us, because it is an antithesis of the Absolute perfection of Allah Subhaana hoo Wa Ta ‘Aala!


Thus intent upon reversing the process of Truth, which is: And say: The Truth has come and falsehood vanished. Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish.” (Al-Isra 17:81).


In this he will never succeed because the process of Truth is irreversible.






He has given two reasons to prove that Jesus is God, viz:


(i)      “When we say Jesus is deity (or even God for that matter), we do not make him the Father! He is one with the Father and therefore HE SHARES HIS NATURE”,


(ii)     “HE IS IN EVERY WAY LIKE THE FATHER but he is not the Father”.


In short, according to him, Jesus is God because HE SHARES THE NATURE OF GOD, and HE IS IN EVERY WAY LIKE GOD. These two reasons given by him to prove the divinity of Jesus are so puerile that they speak volumes of his legal training.


Numerous quotations from the Bible are given below to prove that Jesus neither SHARED THE NATURE OF GOD, nor is he IN EVERY WAY LIKE GOD. He can, therefore, NEVER be God. We have given the quotations from the Bible without comment, because the Bible speaks for itself! TO SAY THAT JESUS IS GOD IS NOT ONLY A MOCKERY OF GODHOOD, BUT BLASPHEMY OF THE LOWEST ORDER AND AN INSULT TO THE INTELLIGENCE OF MEN!


(Note: Unless otherwise stated, all quotations from the Bible are given from the Authorized Version. In our headings and subheadings we have referred to Jesus as “God” in inverted commas in order to show the ABSURDITY of the claim of this man that Jesus is God!)



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