The Spread of Diseases That Never Existed Before

Prophet Muhammad’s, peace be upon him, sayings stand as a candle to enlighten the minds of modern man. This is evident in the prophet’s saying:” If ever lewdness spreads among people till it is regarded as a common open practice, plagues and new diseases which did not exist before will spread among them.”  
Lewdness in the Hadith refers to many atrocities and major sins, such as: adultery, incest, sodomy, homosexuality and many other lustful acts which are not acceptable by sound human nature. These acts are rejected because they represent a form of abuse for the human body which is a trust from Allah given to the human being to keep and preserve till it returns to Allah. 
The Qur’an as well as the prophetic sayings strongly warn people against committing such obscene acts, whether committed openly or secretly. The seal of the prophets, Muhammad, warned those who would come near to these lustful acts that they will be punished by the outbreak of diseases that did not exist before among them. And, this prophecy has now come true.
The current materialistic civilization, given birth by the Zionistic movements, deems lawful the spread of all lustful acts starting with incest, adultery, gambling, nightclubs, alcohol, clubs for the nude and ending with a law to legalize nasty homosexuality.  They discuss these issues openly to the extent that the British House of Commons and the leaders of western churches insisting on issuing a law to give the homosexuals their legal right to practice these acts under the protection of law! They even ask to give the homosexuals their rights of inheritance, health care, adoption and others! In addition, homosexuals excuse their actions from psychologists and psychiatrists. Moreover, they now go out in large numbers in public demonstrations and speak openly about their rights without any shame!   It is not only without shame; they even show pride to do such acts!
These demonstrations encourage more people to join the parade of the devil and of those people are ministers, doctors, physicians, teachers, professors, and political, social, and religious leaders! They now have their own media that asks for the rights of their preserved actions. Those people are gone against the innate nature and have reached a state like that of animals.
Allah, the Exalted, has punished those people by the outbreaks of diseases, like punishing the sodomits, with a totally new disease that humanity has never seen before. Of these diseases are the acquired immune deficiency like AIDS, Ebola, and others. 
AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), which is known as the “plague of the homosexuality”, is a totally new disease in a sense that it has never attacked humanity before. The number infected by this diseases were tens of people, but now it exceeded millions of people. 
This virus is known to attack animals only. The virus attacks the white blood cells one responsible for defending the body. The virus destroys the cells one after the other till the body loses its natural defense mechanism. This results in the deterioration of the immune system which leads eventually to death; the patient keeps deteriorating till death.
It is not only AIDS, but many other diseases that spread among those homosexuals. To their   loss, drug companies failed to discover a cure for AIDS. What they could produce was a painkiller for the very painful symptoms of that disease. 
This leaves no doubt that prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is truthful when he speaks about these facts fourteen centuries ago. His saying is also supported by what Allah, the Exalted, says in the Holy Qur’an (what means): “Come not near to unlawful sexual intercourse, for it is against sin.”     

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