Ghana: Supreme court declares Headscarf ban in school.

Ghana: Supreme court declares Headscarf ban in schools
A statement signed by Alhaji Yakubu Iddrisu Anderson, General Secretary of the Academy and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra, also urged other Muslim communities and organisations to remain calm, as the Supreme Court determined on the issue of freedom of worship in school.

It said, as the issue of freedom of worship is expressly captured in Article 21 of the 1992 Constitution, the National Peace Council would have been expected to settle it amicably as suggested by the Muslim Parliamentary Caucus without recourse to the Supreme Court.

“This notwithstanding, we wish to state that respect for properly constituted authority is one of the virtues of Islam and as such, we pledge to abide by, accept, and respect the decision of the apex court on this crucial and sensitive matter,” it said.

The statement also commended the Ministry of Health for the directive issued to health institutions to allow female Muslim nurses to wear veils during work hours, saying that it is the demonstration to lead and govern in accordance to the 1992 republican constitution.

“Whilst commending the Ministry of Health and government for this laudable decision, we call on Heads of Hospitals and Public Health Institutions, to abide by the Minister’s directive in the spirit of promoting unity in diversity,” it said.

It also urged heads of Islamic Health Institutions not to compel non-Muslim female nurses to wear veils to work.

The statement commended the Christian Council, Muslim Parliamentary Caucus, Catholic Bishops Conference, the Office of the National Chief Imam, the National Peace Council and other stakeholders for their efforts in finding amicable solutions to the issues.

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