Islam and liberties


Islam ensures liberties and regulates them , thinking liberty – as an example – is ensured in Islam so Allah’s saying ” that you might give thought “ is frequently repeated in the Holy Qur’an , Allah granted man the senses : hearing , sight , .. etc to think , apprehend and reach the truth , In Islam Man is to keep diligent sound thinking , he is responsible for neglecting his senses or leaving them idle , also he is responsible for using them in any type of haram .

In Islam man is free to do such acts as selling , buying , trading , travelling and so on unless he transgresses the limits of Allah ; represented in cheating , deception , or corruption .

In Islam man is free to enjoy all good things in life such as what is eaten , drunk , smelled , or worn unless he commit what harms him or harms others , Allah says ” Eat from the good things with which We have provided you and do not transgress [or oppress others] therein, lest My anger should descend upon you ” (Taa haa:81).

Islam also regulates liberties and does not make them unrestrained , tyrannizing or violating others’ liberties , lust as example , if someone is given an Unleashed lust he will do his utmost to satisfy this lust that leads him to his death , man has limited energy , using it up in diversion , and insignificant amusement will not keep what is to be used for serious way and god deeds . it is not acceptable liberty to immerse oneself into lusts and pleasures indifferent to whether it is lawful or not or to the Consequences of his deeds . he will meet a dire end sooner not later , his wealth will be Squandered , his strength will collapse , and his health will deteriorates , Consequently he will be miserable and insolvent .

Supposing that a man was given a free reign to his lusts , will he find tranquility and peace of mind ? the answer is no and to prove that look at and scrutinize the contemporary world with its material civilization when it was given a full rein to the liberty of frivolity and Obscenity and when it misused this liberty , unrest , Calamities , physical and Psychological diseases have occurred , murder crimes , plunder , looting , suicide , worry , rare diseases have spread .

Moreover , liberty is not to seek one’s boundless covetousness without caring what might happen to others , is that a type of liberty when those of power extort what belongs to the weak , belittle their rights , suppress their opinions as what is happening in many Major countries nowadays ?

The answer is no , real liberty is what brought by Islam , it is the regulated liberty that restrict one’s behavior , in which he becomes a worshipper of his Lord and Creator , that is the major secret of liberty , when man is concerned with what pleases his lord in the form of fear , aspiration , love , hope , humiliation , and submission ; he liberates himself from creatures , he does not fear from other than his lord , and does not hope for reward from other than him , with that he reaches his complete salvation and success .

Wholly Islam is the religion of perfection , sublimity , guidance , and glory .

Seeing weak of determination , or a type of astray from some Muslims , consequences should be to them not to the religion , religion is disassociated from that , only those who are ignorant of Islam or those who threw its guidance away behind their backs are to take such responsibility.

Translated by: Mahmoud Mohammed

Revised :Abdel Aziz El hageen

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