Life After Alcohol and Marijuana

My Path to Islam

I grew up in a Catholic household, and my parents are followers of Santaria. However I began to have my own thoughts and judgements of “religion” and its aspects. I dipped and dabbed in many religions. In my study of Islam I have found the best answers to my religious questions, as well as the best solutions to my problems. Allah had sent me so many signs, the most unforgettable one is a dream of me and my husband sitting at a long table full of strangers. We were laughing and having fun without any alcohol beverages. The day we were remarried under Islam, I found myself there.

How I Did It:

After going through so many problems in life and having marijuana issues as well as achohol, I grew tired of my life and began to study the Holy Quran on my own. The more I read, the more at peace I became with myself and with my life. I somewhat gave up all the bad things in life I was interacting with, but not entirely. I met a woman who worked for one of my associates, and she overheard me saying that I’ve beeen studying the Holy Quran and I was thinking about converting. We made plans for me and my six children to convert on Jumah (Friday), and we all went and took shahaada. Three days later my husband and his first-born son came with me. He took shahaada and we were remarried in the Islamic faith. Now I feel like I’ve been re-born again. Since then I have no need for any of the bad things I had acquired before. Now I have a whole entire world full of loving brothers and sisters that I can rely on without them expecting anything in return. We as Muslims help and love one another unconditionally. Thank you so much Allah for loving me so much that you saved me and my family from the destruction of ourselves. Hamdillah!


  • My advice to non-Muslims is to repent now before suffering the consequences.
  • Worshiping Jesus (pbuh) is a form of paganism and that goes against all that Allah has been teaching to us.
  • My advice to Muslims is to stop using Allah as an excuse for your wicked plans to try to take over countries and individuals using murder and fear. How can you possibly think Allah needs your help? LOL, seriously he was doing fine before he created any one of you.

Reaction From Non-Muslim Friends and Family Members

Let’s just say, out of a million so-called friends, I have one left.

Changes I Had to Make in My Life

Covering my hair & the rest of my body, making time to pray, and respect.


Ref. About.Com Islam

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