Speaking to Your Soul

My Path to Islam

My entire life I had been confused about Christianity. When I would ask questions to a man of the cloth in different areas of Christianity, nobody seemed to have the answers that satisfied me. So many times I wandered away from God, he’d place someone in my life to bring me back, but I never remained long. At the age of 32, I started a new job and met a Muslim. He never pushed any ideas on anyone. But was willing to answer questions. I felt drawn to this faith and did alot of research. I met more Muslims and asked alot of questions and began reading the Quran. I feel as if I’ve been asleep for 33 years, now I’m awake!!

How I Did It:

Sometimes the answer becomes so clear. Sometimes something happens deep within that can’t be explained. Even though you might have been introduced to Islam in such a simple way, but then a moment of incredible clarity overcame me. I felt like for once in my life I knew what Allah has intended for me. He provided the guiding light on my path. I finally felt complete and whole with Him. Some may call it an “awakening” or “enlightenment”. All I know is that it was a feeling that can not be described. It was a very profound moment that occurred as I was reading the Quran. My whole purpose made sense. I will try to continue to follow what He wants me to do and be who He wants me to be.


  • Be aware, as you seek the truth on your own journey of spiritual enlightenment, the further you seek for this truth, the more He will reveals many truths. Not only of His own existence, but anything that may be conflicting you. Even if the truth hurts. He promises to always be truthful to us. If finding out the truth hurts, then whatever the issue is was likely the work of Shaytan (Satan). Allah does not want us to hurt. The truth may or may not be as bold as thunder, but can likely be as quiet as a butterfly spoken into your soul.


Changes I Had to Make in My Life

Wearing hijab and knowing who I’m wearing it for, and no one else


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