My Story with Hijab

When I decided to write about Hijab, head scarf, I absolutely didn’t know what shall I  write, I feel that I have nothing to write. That’s why, I decided to recall my memories with Hijab. I find that I have distinctive memories when I decided to wear it or after I wore as I passed through many experiences. I’ll report them to you. My story with Hijab can be summarized in four essential events.




My first memory was in first preparatory when I decided to wear it, I didn’t plan at all and I wear it on the spur-of- the moment. I remembered that I woke up early and wore my clothes. That day when I stood in front of the mirror, I feel something different; I feel that I want to wear Hijab. I took my mother’s headscarf and wore it. I feel somewhat that the headscarf didn’t suit my young age, but my desire to obey my God owned me. When a lady wants to wear Hijab, she reorganizes her clothes to suit her new style, but I didn’t do any such thing. I wore it, and then I went to buy new clothes.




My second memory with Hijab, it was in second preparatory. A Christian friend called Mary asked me why you wore Hijab, What did you feel. Honestly, I wish to get rid of my headscarf to wear what I want as well I feel that I wasn’t a beautiful lady , but I didn’t want to take it off. After while, I realized that I was short- sighted when I thought that Hijab didn’t make me beautiful and restricted me.




My third memory with Hijab or what I prefer to describe it as a mere turning point with my love story with Hijab. In the second year in my college, I attended a lecture speaking about Hijab. The presenter spoke about many things; I’ll tell you only key titles. For instance, Islam didn’t invent Hijab as it founded in Christianity and Judaism. In Judaism, Rabbinic laws forbids the recitation of blessing or prayer in the presence of a bare headed married woman since uncovering the woman’s hair is considered “nudity”, and Dr. Brayer, professor of Biblical literature, also explains that veil of the Jewish woman who was a sign of modesty, a state of distinction, luxury and established her as a sanctified possession of her husband. In Christianity, (1 Corinthians 11:7) “a man ought to not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God …. The woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head.”




The absolute meaning of Hijab was established in my mind when I made a bird’s- eye- view through Islamic books. In Islam, The headscarf in Islam isn’t considered as a sanctified possession of her husband; the Muslim women wear Hijab out of their obedience to God only, not to be a symbol of modesty and not to belong to a certain class.



To sum up, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that though Hijab in Islam doesn’t cover up a girl’s attractiveness, but in fact displays her strength, freedom, commitment and her confidence which is based upon her love to God. Hijab even doesn’t mirrors restrictions, but reflects a strong tie with our Creator…. When you wear Hijab, you’ll realize that you’re the controller of your body, no one can see anything you don’t want him to see; Hijab liberates me and not restricts….

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