Sun: the glowing luminary

Sun: the glowing luminary

Scientists often consider man responsible for the geothermal heat; however, according to information released by six satellites specialized in studying sun and climate, the opposite was proven.


Such information clarified that Earth revolves in an overwhelming torrent of intense solar radiation.  This radiation has been increased during the recent twenty four years with rates 0, 05 each decade.


If this change in the behavior has just been started since the last century it would, then, be the main reason for increasing the climate temperature after it was though that this is only for the Greenhouse gases mainly caused by man.


Scientists believe that the relation between the change in the sun behavior and the climate on earth still quite unclear, however, there are proofs that both the sun behavior and humans play a rule in such change of climate. Other scientists from Climate Research Center at the University of Columbia located in California believe that within 100 years, sun will control conditions.

Is there water on Mars?


It is still unsettled whether there is water on the surface of Mars or not?

Researchers at NASA and Colorado University found that Mars is cold and dry planet that is not fitting for life as water flowed in small quantities in the ancient past after the asteroids have clashed billions years ago, which led to flow of rains for continuous decades.

Furthermore, scientists believe that the collision of a luminary of 250 KM diameter provides the planet with amount of energy of 100 million Mega tons of T.N.T.

This will result in melting the ice existing in poles and will permit an amount of water to enter the atmosphere which is enough to pour rains of deposition up to 16 meters; however it seemed there was no enough time for life to evaluate under such typhoon as mentioned in a report published on December 2002 in Science magazine.

A more optimistic interpretation also has coincidentally been published by Arizona University about the running of water on Mars; it states that the black lines on Mars surface is the reason behind some modern hydro water activities.

It is said that there is salty water at low temperature and low pressures on Mars which caused the flow of this water through chutes leaving these lines on its surface.


It is worth mentioning that Mars will be very close to Earth in a position called (Reception Mode), where Earth will settle between Mars and Sun. At that moment, astronomers will monitor more clear than ever before for thousands years, this incident will take place at the end of August 2003, where the Astronomy Science Department will monitor this phenomena at the beginning of August.


Neutron stars:

There are two types of Neutron stars:

Most of Neutron stars start as gigantic stars of massive mass (its mass amount to 8 to 20 times of the mass of the sun), while others are normal stars.


The gigantic stars die in the shape of Supernova explosions of the second type, where the star’s core explodes forming a high-density atomic particles ball.


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