Scientific Points in a Few Verses of the Qur’an (5):Qur’an on the Darkness and upper Levels of Space


Allah says: “And even if We had opened to them a gateway to heaven and they had ascended, on and on, up to it, they would surely say (in the evening): “Our eyes have been (as if) dazzled (we have not seen any angel or heaven). Nay, we are a people bewitched!”(15:14)

This similitude is amazing since it pres­ents a universal fact which humans previ­ously were ignorant of, and only discovered during the age of space exploration in the sixties. The entire universe is engulfed in darkness. Light visible on earth is observed for two hundred kilometers, beyond that, the sun appears as a blue disc. Darkness is to be witnessed in every direction, due to the rarity of water vapor and dust particles. Far removed is Allah from every imperfection. It is He Who in­formed us of this reality.

Quran on the Atoms:

Allah  says:

And nothing is hidden from your Lord (so much as)the weight of an atom on the earth or in the heaven. Nor (is there) what is less than that or what is greater than that but is (written) in a Clear Record.(10:61)

In this beautiful verse Allah clarifies that nothing is hidden from Him in this universe, no matter how minute it may be. It was believed that the atom was the smallest entity in the universe. After it was split smaller entities were discovered having positive electrical properties, such as protons and negative electrical properties, such as electrons.

In 1939, the German scholars Hahn and Strassmann at the University of Berlin split a uranium atom. With further research, particles which are even more minute may be discovered.

Modern sciences have reached a high level of technical development and scientific advancement in various fields of life. The future still awaits further development. This process will continue until the day of Requital. The collective efforts of all humankind in fields of knowledge will never measure up to or even come close to Allah’s Knowledge and Ability.

Allah the Exalted says:

They ask you (O Muhammed) concerning the Ruh(Spirit of inspiration). Say :”The Ruh(the Spirit) is one of the things, the knowledge of which is only with my Lord. And of knowledge, you (mankind) have been given only a little.(17:85)

The knowledge of Allah and his abilities are boundless and unmatchable. Allah in this Quranic verse has laid out a simple explanation for us so that our minds will be able to recognize and absorb the huge difference between his knowledge and ours. Glory be to Allah!

Water and Life:

Allah says:

Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, then We parted them? And We have made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?(21:30)

Modern science affirms clearly that water is the basic component of life, with which the cell is built. Chemists have proven that water is a necessary and active substance used in changes and reactions which occur inside the body. For this reason it is the only fluid which every living thing needs, no matter how large or small it may be, starting with micro-organisms to the largest living animals on earth.

The water which covers the earth in this day and age is approximately 71% and the remainder 29% of the earth is dry land.

The main source for humans, animals and plants is water. It is proven by scientific analysis that the body of a human adult from the age of 15 years and upwards contains approximately 71% water. As for a child, his/her body contains 93% water. This indicates that 80% of water runs through the human body and the remainder is blood, and as much as 90% water is found in animals and plants.

Ref: Keys to understanding Islam by: Professor Kamal Hassan Ali, M. Ed., Ed.D. P. 87

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