SF Muslim Community Looks For New Home

SF Muslim Community Looks For New Home

“I came from Cleveland Clinic, where we have bigger communities, Muslim communities, community centers, big mosques, Islamic schools, and so forth,” the president of the board of the Muslims Community Center of South Dakota said.

His faith helps keep him in Sioux Falls.

“So to have those people coming to Sioux Falls and not to see something similar or at least trying to provide some of those services that they got in those big communities, it might not be the best environment for them to stay, socially, religiously-wise,” Elgouhari said.

Elgouhari estimates that around four or five thousand Muslim people live in Sioux Falls, with a few hundred more scattered across the state. In Sioux Falls, they worship at two different mosques.

The Muslims Community Center currently meets in a rented space. Its members are looking for their own larger, permanent home to serve the growing Muslim community.

“We are dreaming to have a permanent community center because the taste that we have been having over the last four, five years since we opened this community center temporarily, is just very delicious, very beautiful, very fruitful,” Elgouhari said.

references: alukah

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