The Class of Quran Among the Divine Books


The holy Quran is the longest, last, and the most inclusive divine book for it includes all that has been mentioned in the former divine books with additional divine demands and valuable ethics.


Quran contains the forerunners and newcomers news, wisdom, and provisions.


Quran is the ruler over the former divine books, namely what Quran considers true is true, and what it denies is also denied, for it must be distorted and replaced.


Quran revealed in top eloquence, rhetoric and miracles for it is miraculous in its text, meaning, and eloquence, and also its tales of the past and future unseen, also it is miraculous in its proverb and provisions, and all it came with.


 That is why it is submitted by everyone sticks to modern books for what it proves and presages as well as it indicated and told about it. So one should do according to Quran because there is no accepted religion except what Quran came with. Ouran is the last message from Allah to humankind, it is also generic for Jinn and mankind; unlike other divine books which were introduced to certain people and certain periods.


In addition Quran is saved from increase, decrease, distortion, because Allah guaranteed to save it where He says “Indeed, it is We who sent down the Qur’an and indeed, We will be its guardian” (Al-Hijr: 9)


And Quran has a great influence on hearts, for there is nobody listens to it carefully, except he is influenced extremely, eventhough he does not understand its meanings and indication and even if he does not know Arabic as one of the Quranic secrets that reveal its greatness.


Quran also has the highest influence on the prosperity and success of nations for it is the way by which Allah qualified distinguished figures of wisdom and guidance from Arab nation, and made it the best nation sent to mankind after they were floundering in ignorance.


One of the Quranic characteristics is that its wonders never expire, and it is not worn out by repetition of reading, for as much as it is read, its beauty increases once after another.


Allah facilitates studying and memorizing the Quran as there is a lot of Muslim children memorize it by heart. Quran also contains the fairest, greatest, noblest, and most inclusive judgment, for there is not a small or huge issue but it tackled totally and in details; such a fact that any rational, fair person confesses even if non-Muslim.


In his book “The life of Muhammad”, William Muir says that the Quran is full of perceived objects and mental evidences on God’s existence and that He is  the King and Sovereign and He will recompense everyone according to his deeds; if good ones, he will be rewarded, and if bad, then he will be punished.


According to Muir, Quran confirms that all should follow virtues and avoid evil, and that the duty of each mature is to worship Allah SWT which causes his happiness.


Geon says that Quranic orders not only include religious and moral basics, but it also contains things on which depends the jurisprudence, Fiqh, Monotheism, legal and penal judgment including the management of this universe, suppression of injustice, and saving rights of this life and Hereafter which is ,all,  divine and don’t have any doubt.


In other words, the Holy Qutan is the public constitution for the Islamic world and the Islamic religion as well, it is the universal system in life and through which comes the eternal salvation and  saving physical health and both personal and public interests and what results for moral virtues, and penal action in life and hereafter. this is all arranged in the holy Quran.


Finally, evidences in that context are too many.


Translated by: Abdel Aziz ELhaeen
Reviewed: Mahmoud Mohammed



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