Paris Hilton did NOT convert to Islam

Better to nip this rumor now before it spreads even further. Already I received a few emails stating that Paris Hilton has embraced Islam and plans on opening an Islamic School in Beverly Hills!

Firstly, they are all reading this article here:
A clip from the above link states:

JEDDAH – Saudi Arabia – Former American socialite, Paris Hilton has converted to Islam, her spokesman, Ian Brinkham, has revealed to CBS news.
This article is a satire piece. If you visit the above website you will find a photo-edited image of Paris donning a headscarf. However scroll to the bottom of The Daily Squib, the last line on the website.

It states:
© Copyright 2011 | The Daily Squib is a curious satirical publication and should therefore be taken seriously

Excuse the crass language but that’s simply a copy and paste from their website.

After a back & forth email with a certain Muslim Organization in South Africa, who insists this satire piece is true, i decided to publish this post and squash this silly rumor altogether.

Sadly, the bigger joke is on the Muslims adding in the comments of that site thinking its true.


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